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Hydraulic Evaluations & Plan Reviews

I am a registered Fire Protection Engineer in the State of Texas and am experienced at completing plan reviews for sprinkler system installations. If you are a sprinkler contractor in need of a plan review by a Professional Engineer, I may be able to assist.

I am also experienced in the completion of underground firewater system evaluations at large chemical facilities. These studies are intended to evaluate existing underground distribution systems for condition, capacity, effectiveness and potential failures. The studies can be used to understand weaknesses in an existing system, plan for future expansion and make the most economical improvements possible. They can also assist in understanding underground systems which are no longer documented and have unknown piping and valving.

I am the author of an article that was published in the Jan-Feb 2004 Issue of Industrial Fire World titled Evaluating Buried Firewater Systems. An online version of the article can be found here. I was also a feature speaker at the 2005 Underground Construction Technology Conference Exhibition with a presentation on modeling underground firewater systems.

If you think I may be able to assist you with projects that involve hydraulic system plan review, evaluation or study, please contact me to discuss your situation.

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